Sunday, December 8, 2019

Asking for Strength

I have come to realize that some people, despite your many attempts to help do not want a solution, just a reason to complain because they believe that there is comfort in being heard. What privilege is it to have someone listen to your constant crumbling, to think that in this vast universe, there are individuals who would love nothing more than to hear you needlessly worry- its exhausting. It is this arrogance of the human spirit to believe that anyone really cares for the other person. Maybe I have become consumed by the cynicism of the word, where my heart has become a hardened pound of flesh that no longer receives blood, but it takes tremendous energy to show empathy for others, especially for random strangers who do nothing but complain. Strangers of that nature, I would describe as individuals who just take: take your energy, take your time, and take your attention, without giving anything in return. It is this blatant selfishness that irks my spirit, and further encourages me to retreat into my ivory tower of solitude where the lines between idealism and realism become blurred, and unreasonable cynicism is justified in response to the dark depths of human nature.

I think in response to all of this, I must remember to show empathy to all of God's creatures, and to do that I require strength that is not my own.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


This white space resembles my fear.
Expansive and deafening.
Where my savior is clothed in red, and my heart is dry.
I wonder where fear leads,
for I am a blind man searching for water.


What shall I do without you?
They said that it wouldn't get easier,
but never said how hard.
I've fallen for you my Dear,
by now that is clear.
My eyes sees stars, and my heart is under attack.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Heart fall

The beginning of each heart is the painful death of the other.
Each beat is a memory placed deep within its artery.
To lose a loved one,
is to have a severed body part.
Where its existence can only be verified by
your memory,
and as time wanes, so does your life.